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Double Joy is supported almost entirely by overseas donations.


When Mary Hinde first set up Double Joy Childrens Farm she made links with people in the UK and US as providing a home for 90 children demands a regular supply of funding.


Thanks to the generosity of donors so far, Double Joy has grown considerably from its humble beginnings in 1994.


Over time some of the funding began to decrease.


In 2002, Double Joy supporters in the UK set up a charity called FODJ (Friends of Double Joy), registration number 1087172.


Our 124 regular donors give us £3540 ($4600) per month.


We currently send £6500 ($8500) each month and rely on other supporters to raise the remainder by whatever means they can devise.


We want to send more so we can pay our Kenyan staff a real living wage.



 Please support us to help Double Joy carry on its work.


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