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Meet the Friends of Double Joy trustees



From left to right:  Mary Stone, Diane Gibbon, Steve Dealler, Glyn Roseden, Eric Roseden, Susan Hilliard, Francis Rachier, Chrissie Hinde and Alan Nowell.

Who we are and what we do


Friends of Double Joy (FoDJ) was founded in 2002 in the UK to raise money for Double Joy Childrens Farm. We consulted the Charity Commission, which has strict rules governing the running of charities, to ensure accountability and transparency.


Over the next few years FoDJ became the majority funder of Double Joy Childfens Farm


Friends of Double Joy has no employees, all trustees are unpaid volunteers and, as with all charities registered with the Charity Commission, anyone may see records of our annual accounts by entering the charity number in the appropriate box on the Charity Commission website.

Sue Hilliard (Treasurer)

I am involved with Double Joy as I am Mary Hinde's eldest daughter.

As Treasurer of Friends of Double Joy I keep the accounts up-to-date and prepare them at the end of the year for external audit.

This is necessary as Friends of Double Joy is a registered charity.

I also share the task of sending monthly funding to Double Joy from donations, with my sister Chrissie.

As many donations come via me I write a lot of thank you letters and e-mails to our valued donors and sponsors.  

I am a full time Cardiac Nurse in the south of England..  


I am married with two grown up sons and three grandchildren.

I attend my local church and enjoy walking, sewing, shopping, travelling, reading and watching films.

Dr Steve Dealler

I am a retired consultant doctor with the National Health Service.


I was bornin 1955  and raised in England and did my medical training in Scotland.


I have worked in 47 hospitals in 9 countries; mostly in the UK but many in Africa too.. 

I am currently researching neurological illnesses and infections in hospital.


I live in Lancaster with my wife and dog!


I particularly like Friends of Double Joy because I know exactly where the money donated goes, i.e. no expensive salaries paid in UK and benefits to the intended recipients of the charity are clear.

Chrissie Hinde

I live and work in Sheffield as a Gestalt Psychotherapist.


I am actively involved in organising arts events in Sheffield as 'Arts and Wellbeing' is one of my big interests.  I'm a founder member of Creative Arts Support Team (CAST).


I love growing food on my shared allotment, dancing, walking and cycling.

I have been visiting Double Joy regularly since it started in 1994, and have loved watching it grow and transform the lives of those who are part of it.

It is a joy to be an integral part of our UK charity, Friends of Double Joy who provide a lifeline of support to Double Joy.


I continue to be really moved by the great generosity of FoDJ supporters in UK.


I am Mary Hinde's youngest daughter

Alan Nowell

I am a retired engineer living in Lancaster. 

I sing in a choir, The Gladly Solemn Sound, of which I have been a member for 20 years, who generously donate the proceeds, from giving concerts and selling their CDs, to Friends of Double Joy. 

Other FoDJ fundraisers I have organised include ceilidhs, a waffle-making stall at a Green Fair for 8 years in succesion and marshalling a 10-mile sponsored swim, in Lake Windermere, in my boat.

I want Double Joy to remain the shining example of how to make a real difference with what is, by Western standards, a very modest budget. 

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