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The Importance of Double Joy's Work

There are a million orphans in Kenya. Though the infection rate for HIV and Aids is decreasing, the rate of people dying is increasing.

This means there are growing numbers of orphans living in child-headed families.

Children are caring for dying parents and their younger siblings and as a consequence many are unable to go to school and are vulnerable to abuse.

One girl, now at Double Joy (DJ), was made to be a ‘maid’ at 8 years old and moved to another area, where no one spoke her language, working long hours unpaid.

Most children attend local community primary school.

  • DJ provides a home for these child-headed families while preserving links with their original extended families.

  • DJ facilitates siblings living together in small houses.

  • Staff:child ratio is high so children receive a lot of adult attention.

  • Teachers develop good understanding of the childrens’ needs and in certain cases may act as parent substitutes.

  • DJ provides good health care for the children with a nurse on site and check-ups at the nearest private hospital in Kisumu.

  • DJ prepares children for independent living and all are funded through further education or vocational training once they leave.

  • Boys' ancestral land inheritance is registered to preserve it for when they are old enough to inherit.

  • DJ reinforces positive behaviour, minimises punishment and forbids corporal punishment.


Visitors to DJ often remark on how happy the children are, which we believe is because these elements of life are provided at Double Joy, making it a joy-filled atmosphere to grow up in.

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