Double Joy was started in 1994 by Mary Hinde, who had been living and teaching in Kenya for the previous twenty years.


On her retirement Mary decided she wanted to continue her life in Kenya and to find a way of continuing to serve the community in which she had enjoyed many happy years.


At that time Aids was becoming a major cause of death in her local area, affecting half the adult population between 15 and 55 years. The illness and death of this group of adults has resulted in many children being abandoned to fend for themselves. This loss of adults of bread-winning age has also had a negative effect on the economy as a whole.


Prior to the Aids pandemic the number of orphans in Kenya was relatively low and the children could be cared for by their relatives. In recent years the number of orphans has become overwhelming. The mothers usually die around the same time as the fathers and relatives are too burdened with their own hardship and poverty to care for more children in addition to their own.


In response to these difficulties Mary felt called to do something to relieve the suffering of the children in her local area. She decided to start a home for orphans despite being told by many people that this was a crazy idea and couldn’t possibly succeed due to the enormous resources it would require.


To this day Double Joy continues to grow from strength to strength and all those who visit us describe it as a place of great joy and inspiration.


Reception class: Some children arrive without any formal education. 

They may also be malnourished which is a common inhibitor of learning ability.