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WELCOME TO DOUBLE JOY please join the Christmas Challenge

We have joined up with the BIG GIVE to enter the Christmas Challenge.


Right now we are looking for a minimum of 10 people willing to  pledge £100 each. We already have 5 Pledgers ,THANK YOU!. If you could do this please do sign yourself up now so we know if we have achieved our initial 10 Pledgers target well before 2nd September. No need to email me as the Big Give willpass on your pledge details as only you can sign up to become a Pledger.


Sign up here…..


The Christmas Challenge is an online match funding campaign later this year. During the event, donations made are doubled by pairing them with monies already pledged by supporters. Additional funds can also come from a Big Give Champion boosting the giving fund. The more Pledges we have the more likely we will attract the support of a Charity Champion.


Our goal is £1000 in Pledges. If the whole campaign is successful it has the potential to net over £4000 for Double Joy!


£100 is the minimum pledge permitted and whilst we appreciate this may seem a large sum; Pledges are key to the campaign’s success.


The actual Christmas Challenge runs from 28 November to December 6 and is an online campaign.


Pledgers’ funds are key in 2 ways –

  1. Other supporters are more likely to contribute to Friends of Double Joy during the 7 days of the Christmas Challenge if they know their donation will be matched by a Pledger. One pledge, twice the impact. Conversely, donors may look elsewhere if they see their donation will not be doubled

  2. If we secure sufficient pledges then we may be chosen by a Big Give Champion who would contribute even more to the pot.


If you would like to know more about  The Big Give, please contact us on 01524 383763 or email 


Key Information

  1. A Pledge is a promise of match funding made to a Charity. The Pledge is conditional on the Charity receiving the equivalent amount in online donations on The Big Give Platform – e.g. if you Pledge £100, you are offering to pay up to that amount to a Charity, dependent on them receiving the equivalent amount in Online Donations. You will not be asked to contribute more than your pledged amount.

  2. A Pledge must not be paid to the Charity until after the Christmas Challenge (match funding campaign) closes at 5 p.m. on 6th December and before before the Pledge deadline at noon on 14 January 2023.  

  3. Pledgers should not make an online donation to the Charity to which they have provided the Pledge during the Match Funding Campaign.


please click the JustGiving logo.


Double Joy Children's Farm aims to restore shattered childhoods and give hope for a better future.


Groups of siblings (3yrs. and over) with no other means of support, get love, fun, schooling, health and a vocation.


We have 89 children at Double Joy Children's Farm and 39 more in secondary education.


Children stay until age 15, then leave for secondary school or training college and we support  them more 3 more years.


Double Joy, a government registered children's home has 34 local staff, (excluding Mary Hinde, project initiator, who is self-funding).


Now in its 26th year, Double Joy depends on the generosity of the donors of Friends of Double Joy*.


125 monthly donors give 55% of running costs. The remainder comes from on one-off grants, donations and fundraising events.


With no UK staff, virtually every penny donated** goes directly where most needed and effective. Recent devaluations in the UK£ have seriously hit the value of our funds. Our fundraising has also been seriously hampered during this Covid-19 pandemic.


To continue our vital work we need your help. Anything you can give - no matter how small - goes towards saving the lives of those who are left behind by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


Friends of Double Joy is the UK based charity raising money only for Double Joy Children's Farm. We hope you will join us ensuring this continues for many years.


Our twice yearly newsletters aim to raise awareness of the need to;-


1      equip school leavers for their new lives as boarders in secondary education in May 2022.


2     feed up, treat and clothe the latest intake of orphans on 4th November 2021.

Your support and kindness to Double Joy Children's Farm (since 1995) has saved so many children's lives,


Asante sana, thank you.

Click JustGiving to find fundraising page.


* (registered Charity no. 1087172)

** less than 1% of funds is spent on administration costs.

".... a shining example of how to make a real difference with what is, by Western standards, a very modest budget"   ***

 Alan Nowell -Trustee of Friends of Double Joy



*** - Annual Budget is about £110,000, ($140,000, or €120,000).


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